The K-League of professional soccer was excited by the effect of popular singer Lim Young-woong. Over the weekend, cloud spectators gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

FC Seoul and Daegu FC kicked off at 4:30 pm on the 8th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and 45,007 spectators filled the 6th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023.

This is the highest number of spectators in the K-League since the 2018 season,안전놀이터 when the Korea Professional Football Federation began counting paid spectators. It is the 14th largest attendance in the history of the K-League.

It is also a new record for the largest number of spectators in domestic professional sports since the spread of Corona 19.

The previous record was 28,039 people recorded in the opening match of the K-League 1 between Ulsan and Jeonbuk Hyundai held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on February 25th.

According to a Seoul official, it is known that more than 47,000 people including free spectators that day.

It is expected that this season’s cumulative home audience ranking, which was third after Ulsan Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen, will rise to first place at once.

The reason why fans flocked to the weekend match between Seoul and Daegu was that singer Lim Young-woong visited the stadium that day to celebrate.

Lim Young-woong, known as a passionate soccer fan, first proposed a time axis to the Seoul club.

Lim Young-woong, who was a soccer player in elementary and middle school, is acquainted with Seoul striker Hwang Eui-jo and midfielder Ki Sung-yong, and the relationship of poetry began here.

Lim Young-woong directly cheers Hwang Eui-jo on the French stage, while Ki Sung-yong attends the soccer club he is active in.

With Lim Young-woong’s support, Hwang Eui-jo scored his first goal of the season from a penalty kick in the 11th minute of the first half on the day.

The news that Lim Young-woong was floating in the K-League stadium sparked a reservation war.

Tickets for the home game against Daegu, which started late in the afternoon on the 3rd, sold 20,000 tickets within 10 minutes of the start, and exceeded 25,000 after 30 minutes.

On the online street platform, there were articles asking for 400,000 won per ticket, ranging from selling 20,000 won game tickets for 200,000 won.

The number of spectators, which exceeded 38,000 seats as of the morning of the day, surpassed 40,000 seats by adding on-site tickets.

A unique landscape was also revealed. At the K-League stadium, where the majority of fans were in their teens and 20s, a ‘sister unit’ in their 40s and 60s appeared.

Before the game, they visited the 2002 FIFA World Cup Memorial Hall, Korea Football Association Football Fantasium, where Lim Young-woong stopped by during the national team A match evaluation match with Uruguay last month, and purchased national team mufflers.

It was not a national team game, but there was a line of people trying to buy the muffler Lim Young-woong wore during the A match.

On this day, Lim Young-woong stood on the ground wearing a Seoul uniform and a 40th anniversary muffler.

He also attracted attention by wearing soccer boots during poetry celebrations and performances.

A Seoul official said, “The club proposed a uniform marked with number 10, the number of Young-woong Lim’s soccer club, but the number 12, the symbol number of the Seoul supporters’ guardian god, would be more meaningful, so we decided to wear a uniform marked with number 12. worn,” he said.

Five uniforms signed by Lim Young-woong will be presented through a lottery.

Lim Young-woong said, “Please give a lot of love to the K-League in the future. I will always support FC Seoul.”

The Seoul club also arranged an event for Lim Young-woong and his fan club ‘Heroic Age’. Four versions of LED advertisements were exposed to express gratitude for the visits of Lim Young-woong and Heroes of Age fans.

The guardian deity of Seoul supporters also welcomed Lim Young-woong’s visit. They produced and posted two special hangings for Lim Young-woong, and even shouted a naming call when Lim Young-woong started.

Lim Young-woong, who initially tried to finish the day’s visit by watching the game after going out as a kick-off, sang at halftime to express his gratitude for the many fans who came with an explosive response.

Lim Young-woong, who appeared in the center of the ground at halftime, presented two songs, and the fans went wild.

Lim Young-woong performed his popular song ‘HERO’ and girl group Ive’s ‘After LIKE’ dance.

Young-woong Lim and the fans, who witnessed Seoul’s 3-0 victory on the spot, showed the manner of cleaning up even the stands after the game.

Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo said, “Thank you for the many fans who came to see you. Also, thank you for showing the players all their passion in line with it,” he said.

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