Who is the soccer player that the beautiful skater likes?

Yuta Leirdam (25), a strong rival of ‘Empress of Confidence and Confidence’ Kim Min-seon, and a silver medalist in the women’s 1000m speed skating at the Beijing Olympics last year, stands out as the world’s most beautiful sports star바카라.

She is 182 cm tall and has long blonde hair. She also likes her figure, so much so that she is called ‘the skater goddess’. She even catches viewers’ attention when she takes off her tracksuit, which puts a lot of pressure on her body after the race.

He also discloses his private life through SNS, and has established himself as a celebrity in the sports world with more than 4 million followers on Instagram alone.

He is a star who has both skills and topicality.

Le Dame, who is from the Netherlands, is known to pay a lot of attention to soccer as well. Born in Gravensander, a small town west of Rotterdam, he is said to be a long-time fan of his country’s prestigious Ajax.

I also have favorite players.

According to Leyrdham, he is a fan of Ajax international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan is a soccer player who has been added to his social media friends, who are mostly skaters.

There is one more person here, but Virgil van Dijk, a world-class defender born in the Netherlands, is also a soccer player he is interested in through social media. Both are tall players taller than 190cm, taller than Leirdam.

When the season is over, it is expected that he will appear on the soccer field in the spring, riding an inline bike and going to a sports stadium.

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