Professional baseball Lotte Giants once again changed the number of people in the 2023 spring camp. The Lotte team started their spring camp schedule in Guam on the 1st.

The Lotte club will hold the spring camp this year in 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds. On the 16th, Wontak Na, Taeyeon Lee (pitcher), Taeyang Han (infielder), Sejin Cho, and Dooseong Jang (outfielder) returned home early.

On the 18th, all 11 members will return home after finishing the first camp in Guam. Kim Do-kyu, Lee Min-seok, Jung Sung-jong, Jin Seung-hyeon, Cha Woo-chan, Choi Yi-joon (Choi Geon before Gaemyeongjeon), Choi Jun-yong (Lee Sang-yong pitcher) Kang Tae-yul (catcher) Kim Se-min, Kim Joo-hyeon (Lee Sang-in infielder) Choi Min-jae (outfielder) board a plane bound for Korea. Choi Yi-jun returned to Korea first 먹튀검증due to personal circumstances.

They are scheduled to join the Gimhae Sangdong Stadium on the 21st. The club

explained, “It is for the same reason as the first selection of returning players,” and “From the field training held in Japan, the composition was mainly composed of players who will compete in actual matches in consideration of conditions.”

In Japan, the team splits the venue into two locations and digests the spring camp schedule. Six people will join the camp in Japan from Korea.

Koo Seung-min (pitcher) will go to Ishigaki Island on the 20th. On the 27th, 4 pitchers, including playing coach Jeong Tae-seung, will join Okinawa on the 27th and will have a practice game with the KBO league team there.

From Guam, a team of 31 will move to Ishigaki Island. There are 36 players moving to Okinawa.

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